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January 2019

2018 saw the first recording of ‘Fire Dances’ at All Saints Church Finchley with the Blaze Ensemble following on from its premiere at St Martins in the Fields. The piece was commissioned by the Ensemble to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. This was the third piece commissioned by them after ‘Three Irish Songs and other Dances’ and ‘Imaginarium ‘.Five new tracks were recorded at Abbey Road studios for ‘Positive Strings 2’ a sequel to the very successful production music album for KPM.

Apart from ongoing production music briefs, Spring of 2019 will focus on revising ‘Green Man Ho!’ which was commissioned and premiered by the Academy of St Martins in the Fields.

The message in William Anderson’s libretto is more relevant than ever before: namely that we must reconnect with our heritage of caring for the Earth and not blindly plundering it for profit, so a new studio recording and release is planned for later in the year.

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