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September 2022


A work for performers and Orchestra

 ‘Be Heroes, be Heroines’

Book: William Anderson
Music and additional Lyrics: Paul Pritchard

Originally commissioned by The Academy of St Martins in the Fields, the work has been extensively revised as the soundtrack of an animated film yet to be made. We will invite students and graduates from animation courses to submit their images for selection .

The Green Man - a head with leaves sprouting from his eyes or mouth - is an Archetype or symbol of Man’s oneness with the Earth. He is also called ‘The Face of Glory’. In some cultures he is considered to be the source of all inspiration, and the power that can turn anger into creativity. From prehistory he has appeared at various times in almost all cultures worldwide, often in response to crises or significant social changes.

On one level William Anderson’s poem is a classic adventure story of good versus evil: those who wish to destroy the environment for their own power and profit, and those who wish to protect it. He presents the Green Man as a new ‘Super Hero’, an apolitical figure that unites and protects the whole of humanity. Beneath this is a much deeper philosophical exploration of man’s inseparable relationship with nature and the whole of creation.

With principal characters performed by some of our best-known and loved established actors, the best young performers and singers from the UK's colleges and Academies, the film will showcase the incredible young talent we have in the UK. The project offers the generation who will be most affected by climate change, an opportunity to contribute to the campaign against climate catastrophe, on the Global stage. 

The World Premiere of the work took place at The Study Society, Colet House on June 11th 2022, with the ‘Blaze’ Ensemble and performers and choir from the Royal Academy of Music, directed by Mark Ross Clark, and conducted by the composer.
A mix of live orchestra, actors, singers and pre-recorded video sequences, the concert was filmed, and the resulting production will be made available for distribution as part of a parrallel education project in association with the Music Mind Spirit Trust.

We know that anxiety about the future is a serious issue among many young people, and is made worse by the inaction and broken promises of governments and international bodies. Inspired by the Green Man archetype, we believe that addressing these feelings through creativity, is both healing and empowering.

Our message to everyone is simply this: no matter how small you are, or how modest your contribution, you and your creativity, could make a difference to the future of our amazing planet.



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