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May 2022


A work for performers and Orchestra

 ‘Be Heroes, be Heroines’

The World Premiere of the work will be at The Study Society, Colet House on June 11th 2022, with the ‘Blaze’ Ensemble and performers and choir from the Royal Academy of Music, directed by Mark Ross Clark and conducted by George Vass.

Tickets can be bought here:


The Green Man - a head with leaves sprouting from his eyes or mouth - is an Archetype or symbol of Man’s oneness with the Earth. He is also called ‘The Face of Glory’. In some cultures he is considered to be the source of all inspiration, and the power that can turn anger into creativity. From prehistory he has appeared at various times in almost all cultures worldwide, often in response to crises or significant social changes. Anderson’s two books about these archetypes remain the standard reference works.

On one level William Anderson’s poem is a classic adventure story of good versus evil: those who wish to destroy the environment for their own power and profit, and those who wish to protect it. He presents the Green Man as a new ‘Super Hero’, an apolitical figure that unites and protects the whole of humanity. Beneath this is a much deeper philosophical exploration of man’s inseparable relationship with nature and the whole of creation.

A synthesis of live orchestra, actors, singers and pre-recorded video sequences, the concert will be filmed, and the resulting production made available for distribution to potential sponsors, schools and other invested organisations.

In addition to financing the Green Man Initiative, we hope to raise the significant funding needed for an animated film of ‘Green Man Ho!’ with a celebrity cast, for general release.


The ‘Green Man Initiative’ in association with the Music Mind Spirit Trust, aims to once again raise global awareness of this powerful figure through a series of regional performances of ‘Green Man Ho!’, which will mark the start of creative projects in participating schools.

As many of us are aware, government funding for the Arts has been reduced, and in the current financial climate, is likely to be cut still further. The Music Mind Spirit Trust will offer team leader visits at minimal or no cost during the course of each project, to guide and inspire the participants in creating their own works of Music, Art, Literature and Dance. They can then share their work by uploading to the Green Man Initiative website which will be curated by the MMS Trust.

As a key part of the project, starting with the youngest pupils, each year will be given the same task: demonstrate to the years above using whatever you have created in art, music, literature or dance, what you have learned about important issues such as environmental and social change, and how you feel about them.

Through the Award-winning ‘Song Trees’ experience, you will be able to invite members of your families and communities to share pieces of music and stories that relate to specific times and events in their lives, illustrating how important music is to our memory and emotions.

Green Man Initiative also has the potential to integrate with existing Science Education programmes, thereby extending its reach, beyond the initial objectives.

As the course progresses upwards through the school years, contributions become more focussed on creating their own production of ‘Green Man Ho!’ in each of the schools or regions. The image of the Green Man, or The Face of Glory, appears throughout the world, and has the potential to unite and inspire a Global response to the problems facing future generations both socially and environmentally.

We know that anxiety about the future is a serious issue among many young people, and is made worse by the inaction and broken promises of governments and international bodies. Inspired by the Green Man archetype, we believe that addressing these feelings through creativity, is both healing and empowering.

Our message to everyone is simply this: no matter how small you are, or how modest your contribution, you and your creativity, could make a difference to the future of our amazing planet.



Since the beginning of the project the interest in the Green Man has grown extensively, with new publications on the subject, including the excellent 'Uprooted' by Nina Lyon published by Faber. Apart from being a beautifully written depiction of nature in the Herefordshire border country where she lives, the book forensically and Philosophically searches for traces the Green Man in both history and contemporary society.
If you are interested in any aspects of this ongoing project, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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